The Return of Meeeeeeeh

Howaaaaa! It’s been one year already that I neglect this blog! Arrkkh! I failed my last commitment hiks.

Enough with the regret and sorrow *sounds overboard, doesn’t it?* , I finally push myself to drop here.

But, again, I regretfully have to say I come here with no story to tell …

No imagination to pour out *well, I mean the already structured one*

The problem is my laziness haha t

Ahhh so that my coming here won’t seem useless, I’m gonna tell you that I decide to take this challenge

<a  href=””><img src=””/></a&gt;


Perhaps by joining this competition, I may be pushed to write, at least just to tell you just how many books I’m reading LOL

But yeah this may change the concept of this blog, which was originally designed to serve you, readers, with my imagination.

Don’t worry! I promise I will still update this blog with stories of mine. But joining this competition is important this time to make me, you know, care for this blog and for you =)

Soooo enough with this! I will be back again, come up with post about books I’m reading and stories I’m imagining.

See you!!


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