Ren’s Little Corner Reading Challenge Post (Progress)

I told you around two weeks ago that I would join a reading challenge, hosted by Ren(you can jump to her site : . The challenge makes us to try to read novels written by author we barely knew before or we knew them but never read their pieces. There are four levels that each can choose, namely easy, middle, hard, and maniac. The difference in each levels is how many books we think we can completely read. Like, easy is for those who’re sure able to read 1-15 books, while middle is for 15-30 books, hard is for 30-50 books, and maniac for more than 50 books. So we should sign up by choosing the level we want to complete. But we can upgrade the level if we think we can surpass the level we previously choose, for example at first I choose level Hard. But as time goes, I realize that I nearly complete the Hard Level yet I still have more time until the deadline of the challenge. I can upgrade my challenge to Maniac. Well, to get more information about the rules, just go the site. You can go there by clicking the Ren Little Corner Reading Challenge Button on the left side of Home Page.

I myself choose the easy level. Lol. Actually I am not confident to take more than that level, seeing my last-year track record of reading books. Hopefully I can surpass this level far before the challenge deadline and upgrade it. Who knows, I can even reach the Maniac level? Lol.

And now, I would like to post the novels I have just read these two weeks, ever since I signed up for the challenge.

1. Partials, by Dan Wells (reviewed)

2. To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee (reviewed)

3. Paper Towns, by John Green (reviewed)

Also, there will be some novels that I am about to read from some authors whose pieces I have never read before :

1. Lalita, by Ayu Utami

2. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, by Stieg Larsson

3. Heist Society, by Ally Carter

Actually, Ren did not require to make reviews of the books– only progress or wrap-up posts– but I oblige myself to write for every books I have just read– including those I don’t include in challenge– to make this blog alive Lol. Also, I intend to be a book blogger (with posts containing fiction stories of mine Lol). I want to share to everyone every books I read and enjoy, then recommend ones to them. That is why so. Hehe.

okay, enough for today. See you at the next post!

Wish me luck as a book blogger! =)


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