This-and-That Post : Book Haul

Yeaaay! Finally, I manage to write about my book haul! I did not buy many recently. I am on a tight budget, since I am now (and still) unemployed (T.T). That is why I only bought books I need. Yeah, Books I need to entertain me LOL.

But don’t worry, because I find the solution for having more books without spending more in cash, which is downloading (sadly illegally) books! I want to purchase them really, but they should be paid with credit card and I dont have it and I don’t know who around me has freakin credit cards.

Enough for the drama.

Soo wanna sneak-peek? You don’t need to cause I tell you freakin directly! 20140213_215916 Last month I bough The Racketeer by John Grisham. This novel is still well-packaged. I try so hard not to open it, I don’t know why I can do that lol. I manage to read this on March after I finish reading e-books sent to me by some authors to be reviewed (well technically I applied to read and review lol). 20140209_202912 And this novel, well, I got this for free! Yeah! Bunda Lisa : Samudra dari Angkasa yang Bernyanyi Memeluk Mimpi is written by one of my friend yet aspiring author, Jombang Santani Khairen. This is a semi autobiographic one, telling about the story of Elisa, wife of Rhenal Kasali’s (he is our lecturer). This novel is a present Rhenal Kasali gave for her wife as a Silver Wedding Anniversary Present. This novel was launched at the same time and place with the Silver Wedding Anniversary Celebration and was given free for all the attendees. Can’t wait to review this soon! This is the second piece of Jombang’s after his debut with Karnoe (I am sorry I haven’t read the book, oh not only read, I even haven’t bought it! Huhahu). But definitely I will read this! And also Karnoe! 20140213_215940I bought these novels one day before Valentine! lol. I bought in two different places. I’ve been in love with Millenium Series after reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and I badly want to know what the next adventure Lisbeth and Blomkvist will face, and how Lisbeth will deal with people (is she gettin better). But I hope those two won’t end up together as spouse. Like, really? That’s why I bought The Girl Who Played With Fire! I bought this after finishing the recruitment process of a consulting company (in which I failed! Hiks). I bought this with my friend, Ferina. Then when I was about to reach home, I managed to stop by an indie bookstore around my neighborhood (it sells many books with cheaper prices) and found Ksatria, Putri, & Bintang Jatuh by Dee. This will be my first time to read Dee’s novels. I am more familiar with her short stories, which are so good. Thus, I expect so much with this novel, not to mention most people praise this masterpiece of hers so much I wonder why 🙂 20140216_210902 Soulmate On The Backstage by Nadia Silvarani is also on the list of my-new-readings! I’ve known her since reading her masterpieces Stories from The Past. I had a great time with her previous work and I hope I will, too, with this novel. I bought this in the book-launch on Saturday, 15th 2014. You must be wondering why I could be there since the event was for the invited ones only. Yeah I got invited because my friend, Grace, (she was on one of my posts) is Nadia Silvarani’s friend and she asked for two invitations. Ouchhh such a nice friend of mine LOL. I got 30% discount for buying the novel in that event. Plus, I got my book signed! 20140216_211005



and also, I bought Negeri Para Bedebah by Tere Liye! I did not take its picture hiks. Finally I got it. I bought it in the same place I bought Ksatria, Putri, dan Bintang Jatuh. Negeri Para Bedebah will be the first piece of Tere Liye that I’m gonna read. Truthfully I am not too interested with his other works and this book got my attention because based on some reviews I read, this novel is quite adrenaline-pumping, with a little touch of economic inside (I am an economic graduate by the way) so that’s why hihihi.

Huuuff I hope I will read all these books and not leave them on the pile. Too many books already hiks.

See you on the next post! =)



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