This-and-That Post : Update Progress-New Authors Reading Challenge

Hello agaiin!!

Now this is my second report of my progress in New Authors Reading Challenge by Ren’s Little Corner. The previous one was posted last January, and to feed your curiosity you can see it here =)

Okay not much to tell you…
In February, F=from the threshold Until the end of it, I only managed to read three novels, and all of them are ones whose the authors are new to me in term of reading their masterpieces. They are
a. Lalita (reviewed)
b. The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo (reviewed)
c. Gone Girl (review is coming soon)

In total with January’s readings, I have read 6 novels from the authors whose pieces I’ve not yet read before. Actually, such a shame. I even could not manage to read Heist Society, as I expected.

But in this lovely March, I plan to read more! I plan to read 6 books; 3 from the new authors and the others from my favorite ones. The next ones I’m targeting to read for this challenge are :
1. There Comes A Prophet (Actually I have started to read this one in the end of February. Have to finish this soon since I am committed to review this in exchange for the free e-book copy)
2. Heist Society (have to start! really!)
3. The Birth of the Phoenix (again, a must-be-reviewed coz I was given the free e-book version)

At this very time, I still hope I can raise my level. I want to read more than 15 novels from authors I have not yet read. I want to know writing world more.
Yeah, still got 9 more months. I hope I can win, both this challenge and myself. Fighting!!


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