When The ‘Self-Hunger’ Can’t Be Fed Even When You Eat

Reader's Block

Reader’s Block

Hello from my dark warm room!

So it doesn’t take an ingenious mind to guess that I will talk about that, you know, block. A block that sometimes encounters readers and becomes the very first reason a very avid reader stays away from his/her very book. Yeah the picture above has told you.

The point is…  I suffer from it right now. Again. After a year of having a ‘sober and spirited’ mind to enjoy letters. Ho. Ho. Ho.

Well now the focus is not on me but on this phenomenon. I will not quote anyone for defining this, I have my own definition based on the empirical proof, which is my own experience and others. So for you who are not familiar, a reader’s block is a state in which a reader finds it so hard to focus on the books they are holding on, they are looking at, and he/she finds him/herself so easily distracted after reading some pages. Not because the books are not interesting enough, but because the reader is simply not interested due to some personal reasons, be it working, having no or less me-time, having some problems that take a lot of spaces in their mind, or the simple one, reading for the moment, bores you to dead.

And we still can dig deeper for the latest reason, but I will stop here.

Some people may find this phenomenon weird. Some even may ask what makes this phenomenon a phenomenon, from my perspective. Or even, wonder why this thing has its own name while other important things still remain unnamed, like a fan club name for F(x) for example (those who follow Korean Showbiz news will understand). Or even more, wonder why this is a problem at all. Reading is just one of so many activities in life and a human will not die not reading. It’s not even containing air, food, or anything that contribute to people’s survival.

All of those wonder-questions are appropriate to be wondered about. But only for those who only view reading as a common activity. Well, it’s a different story for those who enjoy it more than just a common activity. You know, I myself enjoy reading (books) as a way for me to be active and productive without moving an inch of my bones (lazy me lol), a sweet escape from a busy noisy outer life, a mean of getting inspired or boosting an original idea out of me because sometimes a premise inside a book may inspire you to do something or perhaps ask you to enhance a newer idea, a mean of deepening my knowledge, a mean of getting to know what’s inside someone’s mind and imagination legally. So when finally a reader’s block attacks me again, I do not think I, well…


Actually I already suspected the symptoms like two months ago. After finishing City of Heavenly Fire and continue to The Girl who Played With Fire, I really had to push myself hard to read that novel. At first I thought the blame was on the book, perhaps the sequel of The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo was just not as attractive. But then when looking at my ever growing pile of unfinished books both in my actual shelves and my virtual shelves in Goodreads, I understood that I was the one who had a problem. I just hastily left a book unfinished in certain pages and continued to read other one, then again left it, then went for another then the circle goes on and on.

A book-reviewer I befriend in facebook once wrote that someone who’s having a reader’s block should just embrace it. It’s awful, she knew. But just try to take it as a moment to be more sensitive with surroundings. Sometimes being too immerse in reading could make you seem so distant to outer world, so anti-social while there may be some people out there need our physical and mind presence with them. My head was nodded while reading her statement, I agreed and still do, until I am facing it right now. You know, if you might care, the last time I had this block was like two years ago and I suffered from it for almost a year. I only touched books I thought I needed to read only, which were textbooks from my campus. It was not the worst event, I know, but when my memory went back to that moment, I realize that I wasted my ideal times to read as many books as I could while the older I get, the less time and space I find to have such a good time to read.

And to face that block again in so unpleasant time, it’s really not nice, peeps. Especially when you are currently have an issue in your social life and have a really severe writer’s block. In this moment, reading is also such a redemption for my unfinished writing and my temporary distraction from my other problems, like I told you before.

Okay, why is the focus on me??

I hope I will recover soon. I will find the way back.  When I do, I will share to you how I deal with it.

Even though I am in this kind of state, I suggest you to…

You will know how useful it is once you taste it! And even though you don’t feel an attachment to it, try to view reading not merely a common activity. The benefits will be even more tasteful lol. Mind my lame advertisement hehe.

Sooo have you ever got a reader’s block? Mind telling me? =)


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