A Starter – A First Bull Shot ( I hope not)


source : sodahead.com

It is now 2015! Happy New Year! How much champagne did you gulp? 😉

I am sorry for the previous unproductive 4 months, I mean, I did not post anything here. Even I did not read as many books as I targeted in the beginning of 2014. Poor.

One of my resolution (that I have just created while posting this, believe me) is to read 55 books, at the very least in 2015.

I have to push myself more then.

And I will, at least, join 2 Reading Challenges this year.

Then, I plan to register myself in Indonesian Book Blogger 🙂

At last, I will push myself more to continue writing fictions.

And I will start everything I promise I will start last year lol such a cliche. Let us see whether I can be a starter at least for my own plan, this year.

By the way, do you ever feel that you have ‘a hole’ inside you, yourself, that you always find inside you even when you feel really happy? ‘A hole’ that is, out of nowhere, staying inside you and making you feel unfulfilled?

Such a dramatic question lol.

Anyway, there is a poem related to ‘a hole’, but well, not like what I just wanted to discuss.

Written by someone (ehem).

Enjoy 🙂



There he stood under the woods

Crying over a lover he lost

Mistakes so many he did

Forgiven he realized undeserved

‘If only’ knocks his head

Storm to his heart it led

Comfort he longed, but sorrow he grabbed

Hit him, the cruelty of loneliness

Left him a hole he knew he’s worth of

‘A bollock, A bollock’ said he

‘Why did you not disappear?’

‘If only you knew before…

…that only doom your birth can give’ cried he

He shouted, cried 

until Death found him

And brought him to place his lover is

Fill in him the hole he should bear


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