A Quick Review of A Movie You Don’t Wanna Watch For A Date

So marking my comeback as a blog-fellow (ehem), I will make a short and quick review about a movie adapted from a best-selling novel, written by Gillian Flynn. The movie is received well by markets and the main actress seems enjoying quite hilarious amount of money and fame (and she is gorgeous and beautiful and English!!! lol).


Sadly I only have this small-sized e-poster and regretfully I am too lazy to look for another bigger one.

Anyway this movie is starred by Rosamund PIke (this gorgeous beautiful english actress I mentioned before) as Emy Elliot Dunn and Ben Affleck as NIck Dunn, Amy’s husband. Since I already read the novel, I undoubtedly knew while watching about the whole plot, twist, and its roller-coaster (I am just being dramatic). Three things that I am looking for in watching all movies adapted from novels that I read are how all movie crews visualize all things in the story and how the actors gonna live the characters, and as the characters, and the additional values which differ the the novels and the movies. And this applies to ‘Gone Girl’ The Movie too.

Not all movie adaptions from novels reaches my expectation, though. I can count it with my only-ten hand fingers, as a matter of fact. But this movie, THIS MOVIE, really, REALLY, makes me add one more in the list of it.

To sum up why I love this adaptation and why I suggest you to watch this, THE ACTRESS IS FREAKING AWESOME AND BOTH SCREENWRITER AND DIRECTORS ARE FREAKING GENIUS. Probably because the screenwriter is also the original author of the novel.



And then you can feel more about a feminist issues in this movie-version inside the twisted mind of the story. And probably wonder if it is true, that a girl need to be silly to make a boy happy. Or a girl needs to be cool to make a boy stay.

My favorite scene and quote from the movie :







That is all. Like I said, a short and quick review. Well, I hope this is deserved to be called a review














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