This-and-That Post : Just For A Comeback


It is really, really difficult to make a realization of commitments. Commitments in everything need discipline, perseverance, endurance, and other -ance-ended nouns (I intend to be funny but I know I am not). They should be fought for despite some situations (either external or internal) which might excuse or avoid us doing it. I am in the midst of realizing my commitments,probably you are too, and I failed some of them due to my sloth, sloppiness, and other things which occupy my mind more than ones I should prioritize. I failed my commitments to write frequently, at least once a month, in this blog. I failed my commitments to read everyday, even only one page of some pulp fictions and crappy article about an artist who loves to eat cucumbers. Works are what occupies my mind the most that other enjoyable things are forgotten. I know it’s lame, my excuse.

So now, my mind have been enlightened (dramatic, I know) and I decide that from now on, no matter how busy I am with my works, I should read and write. No matter what. Well, time matters since I cannot read and write when I’m doing my works. Nothing, subjectively, gives me more and more added values without moving an inch of my whole body than reading and writing (writing only needs fingers so it’s not a whole body). Reading and writing avoids the ignorance. By reading we are inspired, and through writing we can aspire. Since I hate folly, I think I should, have to, ought to, be devoted to this freakin commitments. With this freakin Grandpa Google which can provide me articles and fictions for free, it’s really shameful not to utilize it until the maximum level, right? Even though I do not dream to be a famous blogger nor a world-record breaking reader in Goodreads (I used to be but now I don’t know lol it’s just that I do not have that same big interest in reaching it rite now), but still these things need myself committed.

So this article marks my comeback from my both reader’s and writer’s blocks. I will, WILL, read continuously. I will, WILL, write even only about obvious/cliche things like there is nothing new under the sun. But I need it to be in process, you know, nothing comes like… whops! magically changed.

I will try my best! Other people who’s freakin busy to death can, so can I lah.

And you, you need tooo!

Anyway, I know this is not relevant but I really like the premise of Bakuman! Probably those who seek an enjoyable reading with deep meaning about commitment to dreams and perseverance could try this manga. lol. Enjoyyyy



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