A Pleasure In Pain will automatically be…

Been like a zombie and barbie  for these recent two months and I feel old and not creative (since barbie does not have any brain at all) lol. When I post this, I am still in the one of the famous junk food restaurant that provides many burgers haha and I am waiting for a good internet connection to do my works, which is really hard to find in this beloved third-world country.

Since I still could not finish my works coz I am still waiting for the connection good enough to support me for the stuffs, I decide to drop here lol.


RIght now I am reading Gyllian Fynn’s Sharp Object. Uuuuh I like it since the story is related to one’s pleasure to hurt herself physically and also with depression. I love this kind of story, the dark story, since that kind always shows the true side of life. Well I do not want to spoil anything before I finish reading it so you have to wait 🙂


And I want to tell you, over and over, that you should listen to Red Velvet’s Automatic.  YOU HAVE TO :)))

I like this part :

My senses move at the smallest body movements

It just comes so natural It just comes Automatic

This song tells about how a girl falls in love , or generally people, how she unconsciously reacts to the one she is in love with. Well I find this true hihihi.  I like the smile he shows, so naturally I always smile whenever he does. I like to be touched (aihhh) by him so I unconsciously smiles or replies his in the flirty way hahaha. Stupid, I know hihi but that is what falling in love is. If it’s not stupid, it’s not falling in love. Never on earth anyone uses their brain for stuff like that hihi.

I love the way, I’m matching my footsteps to yours
It’s already decided, it just comes automatic

And this, is also a truth haha. I don’t know why but when I like someone, I tend to like every gestures he makes. And that is why I follow him whenever wherever I can, and I always find something to learn from him. I can’t describe it really well but this part of the song really represents it. Hmmmmmmmm

Red Velvet Album Cover

Red Velvet Album Cover


Okay since I do not have any more important stuffs to share, CIAOOOO! AADIIOOOS!




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