Looking Out The Beauty in Chaos, The Butterfly Effect

butterfly effect

The Butterfly Effect.  I firstly heard that from a movie played by Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart. The premise was about a man who tried to alternate his and his friends’ live by travelling back to some past events so that the misfortunes they had could be erased. The movie tried to show us that a little thing someone did in the past may affect anyone or anything overtime. Well, I’m not gonna discuss that movie though it’s so tempting to do.

But, in my opinion, the movie is not doing the theory much justice.

In academic context, this is known also as The Chaos Theory. You may hear this quote somewhere sometime that “A flap of butterfly’s wings in Mexico could lead to a typhoon in Brazil”. Well, it may not be exactly the same but the message is more or less similar. This theory firstly came out of a scientist or meteorologist or mathematician (I dont know, but he dealt much with math formula and forecasting), namely Edward Lorenz. He was inspired during his attempt of weather prediction using numerical computer model, entering the initial condition 0.56 instead of full precision 0.561… will lead to different result of weather forecasting. First his theory was launched in his book titled “Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow” and later on, he used a more poetic, dramatic metaphor, Butterfly. Before, there was a fictional-story author who happened to tell in his novel, A Sound of Thunder, that what happened to a butterfly could impact or influence a series of events, though it was indirect/subtle.


Keep in mind that this butterfly does not CAUSE the typhoon, like most of people generally state in every quotes (even the movie stated it wrong!). The flap only leads, influences, as a series of initial conditions of the typhoon to happen. Meaning that the impact it gives will not be direct and its role is lapped by other factors too. Also meaning, the connection may be random, unrelated, but it is just…connected to each others.

Interesting, isn’t it? I found my mind blown by this freakin damn theory. This chaos theory is applied in finance, though so often debatable. How something people deem to be insignificant could possibly give different results to our or other people’s whole damn life when done. Are your mind not asking the ‘what if…’s right now? Because Mine is. What if my bitchy look indirectly influences a terror in other part of this world? What if my harsh words somehow helps creating a serial killer? What if my bad voice leads to an instability of my nation’s economic situation?

And what if my writing masterpiece affects you, whoever you are, to madly be  in love with me?

Okay, the last one is only kidding.

Well, all the what if-s are totally random events. Like, at a glance, logically, those terrible things will not happen just because of what I do. I mean, look at me, who am I to be a part of some world events’ initiators? I am just a pretty little dust in this big, big earth. But probably, they do connect. I don’t know why, I don’t know how. Even I possibly will never know that my events are connected to others’. Maybe we could find the connections when we  trace them back behind, when we pull the threads slowly piece by piece.  Or maybe not.

That statement of flapping butterfly and typhoon still does not make any sense to me. But the events probably occur just like that.

I learn some lessons from this, starting from the cheesy normative ones to the one I funnily come up with randomly. Let’s begin from the cheesy ones. First, one should pay more attention to his/her acts. Second, one should not do reckless things, at least minimizes doing it. Because all of those would probably influence some events, not right at the moment at the place but maybe somewhere in far away country sometime in the future.

And the one I funnily randomly come up with is this could be a foundation of a creating innovative excuses. Like, Betty, why did you get a bad score in your History test? Hmm, mom, probably because there is a handsome guy flirting with my friends that does not brush his teeth.

Okay, too random.

Though all the examples are negative, I hope you could see from a positive point of view. As much as some ill-favored things could randomly be affected by our nasty deeds, so could our decent deeds. Good things we decide to act may perhaps affect other things or persons life, if not today in here, maybe tomorrow in there God knows where. A simple smile thrown may stop great killings of human beings in other part of your world. A small touch on kids hand may create a handful of peace fighters.

A simple letter of mine could possibly make you madly in love me.

Kidding again hehe.

I think this is it for today. Huaaah it’s relieving to share my excitement towards this Butterfly Effect. I may not explain this very well and even perhaps understand it wrong. So I open for any discussions here in below comment columns.

At last, thank you for dropping by!

PS : Sources of references




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