Personality Theories Should be Seen as Tendencies Instead of Absoluteness


Yes, pls notice the title of this post (not the picture), take it to your brain, and reflect it. Why all of a sudden I come up with this topic? Because I am crazily in the mood of writing and there are some people who need to be further educated regarding the usage of MBTI personality tests results.I am sick with these people, including myself, who improperly uses this theory as their excuses for actions they took and impacts they created.

I just took (again) an MBTI personality test and the result, still same with previous attempts last year, is an INTP. Here is the detailed result :


You have to notice some important things from the results :

  1. The results are shown in a bar, which has two poles
  2. Each poles is consisted of personalities and could be measured, proved by the percentage value
  3. What does that mean? That means every individuals has both poles for each pair of traits, but they tend to have more in one pole over the other.
  4. And do you know that the last year I took the test, the result was the same but the percentage value was different? Last year, Introverted got the first place followed by Thinking, Intuitive, and Prospecting, respectively. Yet look at that picture now. What does it say?

I am 74% introverted, 40% intuitive, 38% thinking, and 50% prospecting/perceiving. I prefer solitary moment to recharge myself instead of party-ing with bunch of dudes. I favor a big picture than a handful of details. I tend to hide my feelings and show objectivity and rational part of me. But I still keep my options open even though I have got plans in hands. But that does not mean I cannot make friends at all. I am open-minded yet pragmatic. I easily get mad when people try to ruin my job and I still write my to-do lists. Like I said, it’s all about tendencies.

So never say that you are like this because you are an ENFJ. Or I am introverted and socially inept that is why I do not make friends and that’s why (making friends) is not important. Yes, I am a loner and I am not easily making friends. Yes I choose my friends very carefully. But I still can connect to others, screw chunk. Yes  I enjoy reading theories and find myself aloof with the execution of plans yet that does not mean I cannot do the technical things. Believe me, when you are in the beginning of your career, your whole work life is all bout technical things, less strategic, unless you work as consultants or auditors or lawyers or corporate experts.

So please, pleeeeaaaaase, stop making a lame excuse yeah. That personality result may show us a foundation of why we are doing what we are doing, and I know some scientists have stated extrovert-introvert does have connections with our brain parts.  But to misuse it for hiding yourself, justifying your acts is another story. And do not force yourself to be COMPLETELY that type of personality. So what if you have one or some deviation(s)?

I am INTP yes. I am proud of who I am, with all plus minus. Yet that does not mean I am unable or not really having any other traits rite?

And that does not mean I am unable to make a cheap romantic poem like this one

I will not lie that I am deeply falling

Both in love and lust

You have awaken a part of me that 

You have filled me up with

New views I never dare to look at

I wonder of all people

Why you?




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