Big ?


Tell me what’s more dangerous
In life than living a life with
No soul, no freedom, no purpose
I don’t think there’s anything
More cruel than taking away those things
That make a human human

Society talks about morality, politeness
About listening to your old man
The importance of settlement
Of security, in the form of money
But what if all things society believes
To be the grand luxury of earth
Are only robbing the most fundamental right
of ours?

Children go to school, learn all those stuffs
No wonder the living creatures on this blue earth
Are all zombies
Living a life of routines only desiring a survival
for another day
With no direction, only tomorrow knows
Praying for better future, an empty pray
For you don’t know exactly what you are sayin’

Making parents happy? Seeing all your crews proud?
Have you ever questioned yourself while you’re busy
Thinking bout them
Are those things making yourself happy and proud?
Are those things fulfilling the sense of yours as human?
Regardless all your backgrounds, are you at ease, at no doubt
with the current track you are walking on?

You are designed and gifted with mind and heart
Those differ you from other livin creatures
Do search of what’s best for you in life
You have a voice
Good enough to pour out what you’re thinkin
Do voice them out
So what if what you believe is different
from what society deems right?
And also,
So what if what you do believe what society deems right?

The greatest robbery in life is to rob
People’s right and freedom to do
What they are believin
The greatest rape in life is to take away
People’s right and freedom and force
them to agree with general consesus
When they don’t

Just use your mind
And get out of your zombie’s life
You deserve a better life


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