Rune for The Spirits



~~This is just a fiction, written in the midst of eating Wafer Selamat, Indomie, and Roasted Pork while thinking how I can endure hiking but not finishing my plot and book. Hope you enjoy this. It’s rainy outside~~


My uncle told me death is coming for every living creatures in the world. Good and bad ones. baby and grandpa. dog and the owner. Him and me.

It comes in a hugely surprising manner for some, but sometimes for the lucky ones, can be prepared. Some face it right in the morning after waking up, or even in sleep they meet. In a crowded place, killed by a mentally blocked people, or in a quiet place because you eat a wrong fruit.

He added, for some people, death is an unpleasant, thus unwanted, thing in their life. It blocks their chances to achieve more on earth. It will hinder them from watching their upcoming anticipated favorite movies with their beloved. It will stop them watching their kids, brothers, sisters, friends grow. It will stop them grow. It will make them lose the opportunity to apologize and forgive. It will make their surroundings gloomy. It is so full of uncertainty, like, whether The Afterlife is opened for ’em or not. It is a misery thing this world has.

There are also many contrast views. The desperate living things will rejoice, since nothing could be their hope on earth. And nothing depends on them. They hold onto nothing, and nothing hold on to them. A hopeless life is so unworthy, and death is a good answer to end it. Some cherish it for they are able to stay young in the memory. Some choose it to stop their pain. Some choose it to fund their family.  Some said to cleanse this world’s sin, in Jesus way or in Osama way.

My uncle said there is more to death than what he told. He asked that I should be thinking about it every night to live a life I will never regret.


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