A Boredom Killer.


There is always a struggle when a change occurs. A struggle to make sense of it. A struggle to fight for or over it. A struggle to reject or to accept it. A struggle to leave or join it. Thus, one or a thing should have enough strength to pass the moment.

A change happens as one or a thing is in the transition towards a new phase. A change is not always a betterment, or going towards something pleasurable. That is the normal one, I name it. Sometimes, a change diverts one or a thing from a nicety to an empty or difficult or unpleasant situation, or self.That is the deviant one. Well, I come up with the name by myself and they are not academically valid so feel free to share your opinion lol.

A change is a part of time. No, it is the effect. Aligned with the journey of the time, it goes and stays in the future. And since time cannot be pulled back,thus a change cannot be prevented.

A change is horrifying. Exhausting. Yet never ending. But one or a thing has to overcome the feeling and embrace it. That is the struggle. And there is always a struggle when a change occurs.

change-emotions_multi-directional-sign (1)


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