There is no picture able to describe the title so there won’t be. This is just a random thoughts coming.

A plot twist is a situation in which a person expects or is expected to go to certain direction, but a lot of sudden, some outer force (to be more realistic, you can change it as ‘condition’) influences the direction that he/she goes to the other way. No, it is too simple and does not do justice to the words. It is not only affecting the process. The outer force causes a different outcome. An unexpected change. Yeah sometimes you expect a change in something, brur.

For example, let’s say a girl named Ariel has a commitment with a boy named Calvin to get married when they are 28 years old. Both of their parents agree. Their friends are happy. Each of them are loyal to each others. They love each other. Ceteris paribus, their dream will be realized at the time.

But few months before their marriage, Ariel is found to have a debt with bad guys and unable to pay them back. Ariel does not want to cause anybody harm so she does not tell Calvin nor her parents nor her friends. The debt collector decides to do a lot of cruel things to Ariel and as a result, they cause her dead. Calvin is crying, at the end, because he has lost the love of his life.

Hopefully it make things clear.

You may think that is dramatic, let me show a more realistic example, A is a stupid kid. He fails his daily exam and never manages to get 90. He is expected to fail at his university entrance test. But he makes it. He sucessfully passes and gets Physics as his major.

Every people, I am 100% sure, ever faces this situation, has their own plot twists. That changes their view on other people or other people on them. That changes their life, for better or even worse. Some manages to laugh at their own plot twists, some cry over ’em. It happens to me, a lot of time, which can be helpful or awful.I have got used to it.

A plot twist does not need to be dramatic like what Ariel and Calvin face. It is a matter of the outcome. If the outcome is what you are not expecting, you face one. Lol. End of blabberings.



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