A Kid Who Could Not Let Go



Ariel, a 5-year-old girl, was living a relatively nice kid life. She might not be as loud as other kids, but she would like to speak when she had to. She was not the most diligent or the neatest kid in class, yet she was proven able to catch any materials given by the teacher. She loved being in her own brain and  reading comics and Old Testament’s story made her day since it was full of fun and exciting things. She did not know many kids in class or vice versa. That is why she had a few friends only in class, the closest one was only Lei, a girl who was older by 5 months. But she loved her friends so much she would be extremely sad when she was left.

One day, her father realized that Ariel could have been to a higher class in school, for she was older than her friends in her current class, yet not old enough to go to upper level. But her father saw her capable since her teacher always addressed her as a capable kid who only needed to improve her focus, neatness, and orderliness. He asked her teacher if she could help Ariel to go to upper level when she’s not due yet. Her teacher told him yes, and in the next two weeks she would no longer be in her current class.

Ariel was told so and surprised was she to know that. She cried and was unwilling. She hated the upper level kids. All those kids were very rude and noisy. They often picked fights with her current class kids. She did not want to separate with her friends, too. They were nicer and funnier. With them she could laugh a lot while with the upper levels, she did not think so. She only thought of Lei and her current class friends. She did not want to leave her friends. She was afraid that her friends would not play with her anymore. She could not make friends in the upper level, she was sure of it. That’s why she met her teacher and pleaded.

Her teacher told her not to cry over temporary things. Friends were easy to find but chance to be more knowledgeable sooner than her other friends were rare.  She was enough in age, and her father trusted that her brain could catch fast enough. The kids in the upper level would not bother her as long as she stayed silent. Lei, also, was considered old and capable enough to go to upper level, but her parents had not come up with a decision. Lei and her current class friends were her friends and they would not easily forget Ariel. She kept crying although she began to agree deep in her heart with what the teacher said.


A few weeks passed by and Ariel began to walk comfortably in the upper level. The kids she thought noisy were not really. They did not bother her, but she chose not to go close to them. The other kids were helpful in the drawing session, the session she really disliked. She also liked to learn about words and writing sentences. She had no problem with maths but lack of focus she was that she often skipped what her teacher said. She was slowly back having a relatively nice life.

Then finally Lei came to the upper level as a new kid. Her parents finally approved of her going higher. That made Ariel joyful and she smiled all day, and planned to sit in chair beside her friend. Her teacher, though, did not allow since there was already one seat empty. Ariel saw Lei with her short hair and thought she looked different and not worse, but well, she did not like it. But Ariel cast the thought aside for she was delighted.

A few weeks only they were not playing together never had Ariel think that Lei would ignore her. She did say few words of happiness but Ariel expected more. She wanted to play with her but Lei did not seem to and chose to go with Merry, a kid who was longer in the upper level. Merry was also a kid sitting beside Lei. Ariel wanted to join but she was given many rules that she was so sad she could not be so carefree anymore with Lei.

So her teacher was wrong. Lei forgot her and no longer wanted to play with her. But her teacher told her right too, not to cry over temporary things. Friends were temporary.



Now, as Ariel has grown up, she realized that friends were just a variable depending on time and place. She shall never trust yet she can never leave.



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