Just Leave This Untitled



I have forgiven you.

I have forgiven me.

I look into the mirror and realize that I could never change what is happening

I would not blame you. Ever since. Never will.

I knew I played a big part and I’d want you to know that it was so hard for me

It was so hard to let go of everything

It was like hell, when I was alone, I kept thinking if I never did it with you

More likely we’d still be funny to each others

I never forgive myself for what has happened now to us

You will never look the same anymore

I can never see you like I saw you before

God, how I despise myself for this

So many if-s come out of my head

I never regret what we had done

I regret that everything just changes now

I am really sorry

I can never tell you this eyes to eyes

For I am afraid what is going to happen next

I am afraid worse things will happen

That we will be farther

I am anxious, that you are going to leave, your physics and your mind

That you will never think of me anymore

I am afraid, so afraid that I ask you’d never go any further with that one

Everything changes. I am sorry.



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