Wuthering Heights was what made me fall in love with classics. Up till now, no more stories could give me a strong impact, a cold chill, such that book gave. Emily Bronte clearly described how love and ambition could either destruct or construct.

The story was anti-mainstream at its age, when mostly romance told romance. Wuthering Heights combined really greatly the love story, family issue, bigotry, and tragedy. The plot twist was not much, but each characters were strong figures and very distinctive. Here also people could see how egoistic love that human has is. I followed each chapters and scenes and concluded that the story inside was happening as the results of their decisions. That is why the story was so flowing and smoothly progressing towards the end.

I’m not talking much about the novel. I do not think I will do justice to re-tell it, or review it, since the book is such a perfection to me. But I know I have to tell someone, to tell you, that this book is great and you should read this classic! Like, you can learn that what’s not going to be, will never be. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you will unite with the one(s) you care and love when you die and you are buried side by side lol. Nope that’s not it of course.

I am here to tell you about my favorite character, Hareton Earnshaw! Despite his appearance was only in the near-to-end parts, I care for him. Because one, in my opinion he is the only pure soul in the story and second, he is a victim, a collateral damage of what his father, his grandmother, even his auntie, Catherine Earnshaw, the love of Heathcliff, did and he did not deserve it. He was treated so inhumanely by Heathcliff, even worse than the treatment received by Heathcliff. He was raised as uncivilized boy, only knew how to work in farm and dealt with animals. Girls were not mesmerizing for him until he met Cathy, his own cousin that he fell in love.

…He appeared to have bent his malevolence on making him a brute: he was never taught to read or write; never rebuked for any bad habit which did not annoy his keeper; never led a single step towards virtue, or guarded by a single precept against vice.

Unfortunately, he was disliked by her for his unintelligent code of conduct, while in fact he never learnt what was proper and what was not. He could not show his love and care properly because he was shown differently (by his so-kind uncle,Heathcliff), thus made Cathy chose Linton over him. He was the one who helped Cathy and yet being mistaken for his motive by her. My, life is so unfair for him. He was so eager to learn to read but he was being laughed at. Huhuhu I was crying at that scene. He seek for personal growth, unconsciously but the only one supportive was Nelly while Cathy just kept underestimating him. He silently lamented Heathcliff’s death, thinking Heathcliff’s been a father to him while Heathcliff hurt and ruined his life. He was the punching bag of Wuthering Heights (, unknown year).

Even though his life started so roughly, it slowly changed towards some happy moments, leading to a better life. Cathy finally taught him to read. He learnt how to live like a civilized guy. lol.  I don’t mean to spoil anything, but the story at least gave justice to him. If not, I might have put the book on fire since I could not stand to remember how cruel Bronte to him. Like, it’s enough for Hareton to taste the aftermath of an injustice  in Wuthering Heights.Even though Linton and Cathy did too, but at least they tasted a love from their parent (ironically, Cathy was so loved by Edgar Linton while Linton was with Isabella Linton– ones who read will probably get this). They also knew how to read and spell, they were taught which one was right and not, they recognized what made people happy and what not. They could have a perspective towards life, planned to have a life like this and that. While Hareton… They knew how to behave well. Yeah, I could name more, and more of them. Perhaps these are my subjective thoughts, but for me, Linton and Cathy had better life in the beginning.

Upss I forgot that Nelly loved Hareton so much. But unfortunately Heathcliff separated them for so long that Hareton was grown up not remembering even a thing about her 😦

Also, I guess Heathcliff, to some extent, genuinely cared for him (this is debatable for me, tho) since he was carried some features of Heathcliff’s love of his life. Of course, Hareton and Catherine The Mom were Earnshaws!

Of course, I never not learn anything from my favorite character in a book. From Hareton Earnshaw, I know that no matter how slumped you are, how unrefined you are raised (because of the situation or people), you can still change your life so long as you have a strong motivation to grow. That motivation can be from other person, or a special thing you want to achieve. Hareton, who never knew that his life was hugely not decent, was driven by a strong want to impress Cathy and also a curiosity.

Also, no matter how isolated one is from an actual, genuine form of care, he/she will be able to feel it once he/she meets a person they are attracted too and wanting to act to it.

That’s all my plea for this guy. I hope that you all, who is going to read Wuthering Heights, can show some love and care for Hareton 🙂


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