Nothing but The best



Everything changes and will never go back to the way it used to be

You go there, I stay here, they spread nowhere to be known

No matter how sorry I am, I can never re-create moments

I am drowning inside of my head, thinking about how things were,

Comparing things that are now

They say you are better off this way, appears to me they blame me

For how you were

I do not care what they think of me, that if they thought I made you worse

THough I blame myself much for what happened

But one thing that I realize, I never meant any harm to you

I know that I supported you so much, and even though you disgraced me

degraded me, from the title of your close friend to be your close trash

I still know that you are capable and I wish nothing but the best

I will keep myself from hoping to be your entourage

I will live my life if that’s what you want

And I will never go back

I will keep myself from going back

I will try my best to disappear from your eyes if that comfies you

I am sorry for breathing the same air

in the same place

But I promise I will never bother you

You can hold onto my words

Since I always try my best on it

So sorry for being at your sight everyday

Even though it hurts me to be disgraced like that

I understand.

Wish you the very best luck and success!

Good bye!


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