Let Us Sing Boombayah

~~ Middle finger up, F-U-PAY ME!


Source of PIC : designtaxi.com. What a cute pic up there!

One of my silly friends pointed his middle finger to me and I laughed it off. Suddenly it reminded me of :

  • Blackpink’s song. IF you guys don’t watch or observe 1/10000 parts of Kpop, you wont ever get this
  • My thoughts on people who are jerks and and bastards and  angelic-demonic-in-between and stupid that I got to see and deal with.
  • My self.




There is no picture able to describe the title so there won’t be. This is just a random thoughts coming.

A plot twist is a situation in which a person expects or is expected to go to certain direction, but a lot of sudden, some outer force (to be more realistic, you can change it as ‘condition’) influences the direction that he/she goes to the other way. No, it is too simple and does not do justice to the words. It is not only affecting the process. The outer force causes a different outcome. An unexpected change. Yeah sometimes you expect a change in something, brur.

For example, let’s say a girl named Ariel has a commitment with a boy named Calvin to get married when they are 28 years old. Both of their parents agree. Their friends are happy. Each of them are loyal to each others. They love each other. Ceteris paribus, their dream will be realized at the time.

But few months before their marriage, Ariel is found to have a debt with bad guys and unable to pay them back. Ariel does not want to cause anybody harm so she does not tell Calvin nor her parents nor her friends. The debt collector decides to do a lot of cruel things to Ariel and as a result, they cause her dead. Calvin is crying, at the end, because he has lost the love of his life.

Hopefully it make things clear.

You may think that is dramatic, let me show a more realistic example, A is a stupid kid. He fails his daily exam and never manages to get 90. He is expected to fail at his university entrance test. But he makes it. He sucessfully passes and gets Physics as his major.

Every people, I am 100% sure, ever faces this situation, has their own plot twists. That changes their view on other people or other people on them. That changes their life, for better or even worse. Some manages to laugh at their own plot twists, some cry over ’em. It happens to me, a lot of time, which can be helpful or awful.I have got used to it.

A plot twist does not need to be dramatic like what Ariel and Calvin face. It is a matter of the outcome. If the outcome is what you are not expecting, you face one. Lol. End of blabberings.



mockingjaymaxresdefault (1)

“On the night I feel that thing again, the hunger that overtook me on the beach, I know this would have happened anyway.That what I need to survive is not Gale’s fire, kindled with rage and hatred. I have plenty of fire myself. What I need is the dandelion in the spring. The bright yellow that means rebirth instead of destruction. The promise that life can go on, no matter how bad our losses. That it can be good again. And only Peeta can give me that.”

Despite mixed reviews about the movie, I still made up my mind to watch Mockingjay Part 2. Partly due to my impression of the novel that long ago took over my mind, and other one is because I already watched the previous movies and also because I am a fan of J-Law’s acting. To be honest, I did not remember a whole detail of the novel version, since it’s been long time ago, but the big picture is still stamped in my brain. So while watching the movie version, I on the same time reminisced the details and I thought the production team changed some things but yeah, the premise was still there.

I guess you should watch this. I try very much to hold back my emotion while writing this but you should watch this. From the actresses and actors’ actings to the effect this movie has, the story line, the surprises in the scenes (though for me they’re not surprising since I read the book :)).

I am so happy with the heroine here, with the rolled-away corrupted leader, who is so much like leaders in my countries here, taking away resources only to establish their own shitty empire. I am so thrilled with the way the people loyal with the iconic uprising leader, which is Katniss, who is actually more than just an icon. I am touched with the feelings each character showed, so broken seeing Prim, the one Katniss tried to protect since the beginning of the story, the reason why Katniss faced the dirty tricks of politics, yet indirectly caused the drastic transformation of Panem. This movie has my three-finger salute. And I love every scenes of “Real or Not Real” ones hohohohoohoho.


But let’s not forget that the movie version cut away my most favorite quote, the one I put in the beginning of this letter. Collins could not picture it any better. I don’t know, it’s just I could take that personally lol. Katniss may have struggled together with Gale since their childhood times, but that didn’t make them share the same vision of peace. This we could see starting in the District 13, in details like the ambitions Gale had over the war, how they differed in viewing war as the way to lead to protection and prosperity. Peeta was surely living a better life than them before the Games, that’s why he had a softer heart and more level-headed mind. But he and Katniss seemed to have same views over war and have people they want to protect but war is just not the way. They compliment each others. Fire and Dandelion. And they (red : production team, the screenplay) skipped this. It breaks my heart till now lol.

Well, I am lil bit sad that I should part away, again, with my favorite heroine, Katniss Everdeen. She, much less, inspires me of caring the closest ones I have. I do not have many, though. So it will be a shame if I do not treat them properly. She shows how the originality of who she is and shrewdness, instead of empty sweet-tongue and fake, can take her everywhere and I want to leverage mine, too. I mean she is not perfect, in term of personality, I do not think she is the ideal character for girls or women. But that is what makes me like her more, for I can relate more to her.

And since I do not want to end up losing ones I care for, I consider to be honest to them lol okay things are getting more personal now ;p

That’s it I think for now. I am thankful that I ever read and watched the complete installments of The Hunger Games.

I am gonna re-read and re-watch them hohoho.



Big ?


Tell me what’s more dangerous
In life than living a life with
No soul, no freedom, no purpose
I don’t think there’s anything
More cruel than taking away those things
That make a human human

Society talks about morality, politeness
About listening to your old man
The importance of settlement
Of security, in the form of money
But what if all things society believes
To be the grand luxury of earth
Are only robbing the most fundamental right
of ours?

Children go to school, learn all those stuffs
No wonder the living creatures on this blue earth
Are all zombies
Living a life of routines only desiring a survival
for another day
With no direction, only tomorrow knows
Praying for better future, an empty pray
For you don’t know exactly what you are sayin’

Making parents happy? Seeing all your crews proud?
Have you ever questioned yourself while you’re busy
Thinking bout them
Are those things making yourself happy and proud?
Are those things fulfilling the sense of yours as human?
Regardless all your backgrounds, are you at ease, at no doubt
with the current track you are walking on?

You are designed and gifted with mind and heart
Those differ you from other livin creatures
Do search of what’s best for you in life
You have a voice
Good enough to pour out what you’re thinkin
Do voice them out
So what if what you believe is different
from what society deems right?
And also,
So what if what you do believe what society deems right?

The greatest robbery in life is to rob
People’s right and freedom to do
What they are believin
The greatest rape in life is to take away
People’s right and freedom and force
them to agree with general consesus
When they don’t

Just use your mind
And get out of your zombie’s life
You deserve a better life

A Quick Review of A Movie You Don’t Wanna Watch For A Date

So marking my comeback as a blog-fellow (ehem), I will make a short and quick review about a movie adapted from a best-selling novel, written by Gillian Flynn. The movie is received well by markets and the main actress seems enjoying quite hilarious amount of money and fame (and she is gorgeous and beautiful and English!!! lol).


Sadly I only have this small-sized e-poster and regretfully I am too lazy to look for another bigger one.

Anyway this movie is starred by Rosamund PIke (this gorgeous beautiful english actress I mentioned before) as Emy Elliot Dunn and Ben Affleck as NIck Dunn, Amy’s husband. Since I already read the novel, I undoubtedly knew while watching about the whole plot, twist, and its roller-coaster (I am just being dramatic). Three things that I am looking for in watching all movies adapted from novels that I read are how all movie crews visualize all things in the story and how the actors gonna live the characters, and as the characters, and the additional values which differ the the novels and the movies. And this applies to ‘Gone Girl’ The Movie too.

Not all movie adaptions from novels reaches my expectation, though. I can count it with my only-ten hand fingers, as a matter of fact. But this movie, THIS MOVIE, really, REALLY, makes me add one more in the list of it.

To sum up why I love this adaptation and why I suggest you to watch this, THE ACTRESS IS FREAKING AWESOME AND BOTH SCREENWRITER AND DIRECTORS ARE FREAKING GENIUS. Probably because the screenwriter is also the original author of the novel.



And then you can feel more about a feminist issues in this movie-version inside the twisted mind of the story. And probably wonder if it is true, that a girl need to be silly to make a boy happy. Or a girl needs to be cool to make a boy stay.

My favorite scene and quote from the movie :







That is all. Like I said, a short and quick review. Well, I hope this is deserved to be called a review













This-and-That Post : Just For A Comeback


It is really, really difficult to make a realization of commitments. Commitments in everything need discipline, perseverance, endurance, and other -ance-ended nouns (I intend to be funny but I know I am not). They should be fought for despite some situations (either external or internal) which might excuse or avoid us doing it. I am in the midst of realizing my commitments,probably you are too, and I failed some of them due to my sloth, sloppiness, and other things which occupy my mind more than ones I should prioritize. I failed my commitments to write frequently, at least once a month, in this blog. I failed my commitments to read everyday, even only one page of some pulp fictions and crappy article about an artist who loves to eat cucumbers. Works are what occupies my mind the most that other enjoyable things are forgotten. I know it’s lame, my excuse.

So now, my mind have been enlightened (dramatic, I know) and I decide that from now on, no matter how busy I am with my works, I should read and write. No matter what. Well, time matters since I cannot read and write when I’m doing my works. Nothing, subjectively, gives me more and more added values without moving an inch of my whole body than reading and writing (writing only needs fingers so it’s not a whole body). Reading and writing avoids the ignorance. By reading we are inspired, and through writing we can aspire. Since I hate folly, I think I should, have to, ought to, be devoted to this freakin commitments. With this freakin Grandpa Google which can provide me articles and fictions for free, it’s really shameful not to utilize it until the maximum level, right? Even though I do not dream to be a famous blogger nor a world-record breaking reader in Goodreads (I used to be but now I don’t know lol it’s just that I do not have that same big interest in reaching it rite now), but still these things need myself committed.

So this article marks my comeback from my both reader’s and writer’s blocks. I will, WILL, read continuously. I will, WILL, write even only about obvious/cliche things like there is nothing new under the sun. But I need it to be in process, you know, nothing comes like… whops! magically changed.

I will try my best! Other people who’s freakin busy to death can, so can I lah.

And you, you need tooo!

Anyway, I know this is not relevant but I really like the premise of Bakuman! Probably those who seek an enjoyable reading with deep meaning about commitment to dreams and perseverance could try this manga. lol. Enjoyyyy