Personality Theories Should be Seen as Tendencies Instead of Absoluteness


Yes, pls notice the title of this post (not the picture), take it to your brain, and reflect it. Why all of a sudden I come up with this topic? Because I am crazily in the mood of writing and there are some people who need to be further educated regarding the usage of MBTI personality tests results.I am sick with these people, including myself, who improperly uses this theory as their excuses for actions they took and impacts they created.

I just took (again) an MBTI personality test and the result, still same with previous attempts last year, is an INTP. Here is the detailed result :


You have to notice some important things from the results :

  1. The results are shown in a bar, which has two poles
  2. Each poles is consisted of personalities and could be measured, proved by the percentage value
  3. What does that mean? That means every individuals has both poles for each pair of traits, but they tend to have more in one pole over the other.
  4. And do you know that the last year I took the test, the result was the same but the percentage value was different? Last year, Introverted got the first place followed by Thinking, Intuitive, and Prospecting, respectively. Yet look at that picture now. What does it say?

I am 74% introverted, 40% intuitive, 38% thinking, and 50% prospecting/perceiving. I prefer solitary moment to recharge myself instead of party-ing with bunch of dudes. I favor a big picture than a handful of details. I tend to hide my feelings and show objectivity and rational part of me. But I still keep my options open even though I have got plans in hands. But that does not mean I cannot make friends at all. I am open-minded yet pragmatic. I easily get mad when people try to ruin my job and I still write my to-do lists. Like I said, it’s all about tendencies.

So never say that you are like this because you are an ENFJ. Or I am introverted and socially inept that is why I do not make friends and that’s why (making friends) is not important. Yes, I am a loner and I am not easily making friends. Yes I choose my friends very carefully. But I still can connect to others, screw chunk. Yes  I enjoy reading theories and find myself aloof with the execution of plans yet that does not mean I cannot do the technical things. Believe me, when you are in the beginning of your career, your whole work life is all bout technical things, less strategic, unless you work as consultants or auditors or lawyers or corporate experts.

So please, pleeeeaaaaase, stop making a lame excuse yeah. That personality result may show us a foundation of why we are doing what we are doing, and I know some scientists have stated extrovert-introvert does have connections with our brain parts.  But to misuse it for hiding yourself, justifying your acts is another story. And do not force yourself to be COMPLETELY that type of personality. So what if you have one or some deviation(s)?

I am INTP yes. I am proud of who I am, with all plus minus. Yet that does not mean I am unable or not really having any other traits rite?

And that does not mean I am unable to make a cheap romantic poem like this one

I will not lie that I am deeply falling

Both in love and lust

You have awaken a part of me that 

You have filled me up with

New views I never dare to look at

I wonder of all people

Why you?




Looking Out The Beauty in Chaos, The Butterfly Effect

butterfly effect

The Butterfly Effect.  I firstly heard that from a movie played by Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart. The premise was about a man who tried to alternate his and his friends’ live by travelling back to some past events so that the misfortunes they had could be erased. The movie tried to show us that a little thing someone did in the past may affect anyone or anything overtime. Well, I’m not gonna discuss that movie though it’s so tempting to do.

But, in my opinion, the movie is not doing the theory much justice.

In academic context, this is known also as The Chaos Theory. You may hear this quote somewhere sometime that “A flap of butterfly’s wings in Mexico could lead to a typhoon in Brazil”. Well, it may not be exactly the same but the message is more or less similar. This theory firstly came out of a scientist or meteorologist or mathematician (I dont know, but he dealt much with math formula and forecasting), namely Edward Lorenz. He was inspired during his attempt of weather prediction using numerical computer model, entering the initial condition 0.56 instead of full precision 0.561… will lead to different result of weather forecasting. First his theory was launched in his book titled “Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow” and later on, he used a more poetic, dramatic metaphor, Butterfly. Before, there was a fictional-story author who happened to tell in his novel, A Sound of Thunder, that what happened to a butterfly could impact or influence a series of events, though it was indirect/subtle.


Keep in mind that this butterfly does not CAUSE the typhoon, like most of people generally state in every quotes (even the movie stated it wrong!). The flap only leads, influences, as a series of initial conditions of the typhoon to happen. Meaning that the impact it gives will not be direct and its role is lapped by other factors too. Also meaning, the connection may be random, unrelated, but it is just…connected to each others.

Interesting, isn’t it? I found my mind blown by this freakin damn theory. This chaos theory is applied in finance, though so often debatable. How something people deem to be insignificant could possibly give different results to our or other people’s whole damn life when done. Are your mind not asking the ‘what if…’s right now? Because Mine is. What if my bitchy look indirectly influences a terror in other part of this world? What if my harsh words somehow helps creating a serial killer? What if my bad voice leads to an instability of my nation’s economic situation?

And what if my writing masterpiece affects you, whoever you are, to madly be  in love with me?

Okay, the last one is only kidding.

Well, all the what if-s are totally random events. Like, at a glance, logically, those terrible things will not happen just because of what I do. I mean, look at me, who am I to be a part of some world events’ initiators? I am just a pretty little dust in this big, big earth. But probably, they do connect. I don’t know why, I don’t know how. Even I possibly will never know that my events are connected to others’. Maybe we could find the connections when we  trace them back behind, when we pull the threads slowly piece by piece.  Or maybe not.

That statement of flapping butterfly and typhoon still does not make any sense to me. But the events probably occur just like that.

I learn some lessons from this, starting from the cheesy normative ones to the one I funnily come up with randomly. Let’s begin from the cheesy ones. First, one should pay more attention to his/her acts. Second, one should not do reckless things, at least minimizes doing it. Because all of those would probably influence some events, not right at the moment at the place but maybe somewhere in far away country sometime in the future.

And the one I funnily randomly come up with is this could be a foundation of a creating innovative excuses. Like, Betty, why did you get a bad score in your History test? Hmm, mom, probably because there is a handsome guy flirting with my friends that does not brush his teeth.

Okay, too random.

Though all the examples are negative, I hope you could see from a positive point of view. As much as some ill-favored things could randomly be affected by our nasty deeds, so could our decent deeds. Good things we decide to act may perhaps affect other things or persons life, if not today in here, maybe tomorrow in there God knows where. A simple smile thrown may stop great killings of human beings in other part of your world. A small touch on kids hand may create a handful of peace fighters.

A simple letter of mine could possibly make you madly in love me.

Kidding again hehe.

I think this is it for today. Huaaah it’s relieving to share my excitement towards this Butterfly Effect. I may not explain this very well and even perhaps understand it wrong. So I open for any discussions here in below comment columns.

At last, thank you for dropping by!

PS : Sources of references



This-and-That Post : How I Read Tag

I found this How I Read Tag in Stefanie Sugia’s website. She is a book-blogger that I have followed for some months. This Tag is so interesting I am tempted to do mine, too. Moreover, she tagged anyone so I think it’s okay if I join the crowd hehe.
Okay, hajimemashooo!
1. How do you find new books to read?

I used to find new books by visiting bookstores, seeing what’s new there or what’s the old ones I have not read yet, then considering if they’re worth to buy.  Well, I still do it until now. Sometimes I don’t visit the bookstore on purpose, like it’s only for killing time while I am waiting for my friends to come if the meeting point is in the mall. But it often leads me to buy books though.

Then with all technologies around and good people providing websites for readers like Goodreads and BookLikes, I browse in there to see what’s the current book becoming primadonna among readers, either fiction (particularly for mystery, crime, dystopian, thriller genres) or nonfiction (economics, management, self-improvement ones). Okay, for the nonfiction ones, I feel obliged to stay updated with my academic background (for the economics and management). If I thought they were interesting and could be found in Indonesia bookstores, I would go searching there. But recently since I have been able to read e-books, I often download some.

2. How did you get into reading?

Same with Stefanie, I don’t know how and when I started to read. But my older cousin ever told me that I used to read Bible when I was still in kindergarten (well, she used the word ‘used to‘ lol), especially The Old Testament. I quite remember that, because until now, without any intention to regard less The New Testament more, I enjoy more reading The Old Testament. They are narrative and full of actions. So many humane conflicts there that hook me. I think I know why I really like  suspense stories. The Old Testament has that element there hehe.

And as far as I can remember, the one who really influenced me to read is my late grandfather. He’s a bookworm, book geek, name it. I remember that when I saw him reading a book while eating, I thought he’s cool and then unconsciously followed him. He often brought me to book stores, bought me kid magazines like Bobo, Ina (unfortunately it’s not published anymore), and also comics and mangas.

My late aunt also often gave me mangas while my uncle bought me two encyclopedias and Toto Chan in 5th grade (this was the first novel I read!). They are family from my mother’s side. Well, I guess they are ones who put reading books as my habits lol.

3. How has your taste in books changed since you’ve gotten older?
I don’t know whether my taste changed or not. Instead of changing, I think I feel like knowing what really suit me after trying to read books from any genre, be it teenlit, chicklit,  romance, thriller, young-adult, dystopian, name it. I am a type who will enjoy any books that I think I have a chemistry with, starting from the threshold of the stories. That I can feel sympathetic with what happen with the lead characters, or even hate them for what they’ve done hehe. But I know that I enjoy more reading my favorite genres hehe.And I still like comics, like Paman Gober, and mangas. It’s been a part of me, been the companions of mine in growing up. I still cannot let them go (okay, it’s too dramatic).

4. How often do you buy books?

Hmmm… as often as I breath lol no, kidding! Basically, I am an impulsive buyer. If I found interesting books, no matter how much money I got in my savings, I would end up buying them, even when I do not plan to in the beginning. Sometimes I end up buying books and dropping my previous plan to buy other more important stuffs lol. I have a funny story about this.

When I was in junior high school, I located most of my pocket money to buy fiction books rather than to buy school utensils like eraser, type-x. I borrowed those stuffs from my table mate without any knowledge that she’s annoyed. At a certain point, she told one of our peer group that she couldn’t take it anymore and she thought I had spent my money too much on books that I couldn’t buy school stuffs. That friend of ours then told me this, which successfully annoyed me yet made me reflect. Lol. At the end, I bought my own eraser and type-x. But I don’t think I stop buying books too often lol.

But after being an unemployed for months , I’ve tried so hard to restrain the desire to buy any books in the book stores. It’s not that my parents stop giving me pocket money, but I just realize the value of money and how it can increase if I save them more than spend them. And the more I grow up, the more I learn that I should make a priority to handle my money wisely.  Not to mention there have been too many books in my room I am confused of how to organize them. And not to mention again, many of them I haven’t managed to read. Yeah, I think it’s like a common sickness among book readers lol.


5. How did you get into book-blogging?

I came to jump to one of my Facebook friend’s blog, who happened to join a reading challenge of  Ren’s Little Corner. I was amused that there are actually many bloggers who review books, share and talk about them. I find it so hard to find friends to talk about books I have read, especially the genres I like most. So I think book-blogging is a good medium for me to pour out what’s on my mind about the books I have read, and persuade whoever read the review to read or not to.

PS : I’m not purely book-blogging. I share stories I wrote here too. Hehe. Just click the navigation’s Story List to see my master pieces (but only available in Bahasa Indonesia).


6. How do you react when you don’t like the end of a book?

Hmm… of course it annoys me, pisses me off. Then I grumble why the author created such ending that I keep thinking about it. I’m gonna be feeling a hang-over, and wish more.

Yeah, either I favor the ending or don’t, I’ll be thinking about it the whole day.


7. How often have you taken a sneaky look at the back of the page to see if it’s a happy ending?

I had done that for twice, thrice? I can’t remember, but not often. Mostly it happens when I read a tragic story. I can’t bear to read the situations without thinking and hoping the characters will end up getting their happiness.

8. How many people are you going to tag, and who are they?

Anyone who read this and is willing to share their experiences to me =)
Well, I still don’t have many friends here hehe so just…anyone.
PS : Okay, I end up blabbering here.